Each Kindness

Showing kindness to others was an important theme the last few weeks of this school year.  At both of my schools, we read the 2013-2014 Black-Eye Susan nominee Each Kindness by Jaqueline Woodson.  Discussing the events as we read the book, every class I read this to sat quietly at the story’s end, not quite sure what to do when I closed the book, and there was not a happy ending.  “Wait, Ms. McDonald, what happened to Maya?’’  “Why didn’t Chloe fix things with her?” “That is not how a book is supposed to end – it has a sad ending!” were repeated comments. After reading and discussing the story, each class gathered around a table with a large pot of water to drop in a small stone as each student shared a kindness they had shown others.  I was impressed with, and touched by, the kindnesses – both large and small – that my students shared with each other.  Many also wrote a note on a Post-it and hung it on our wall of kindness – at each of my schools, the wall was covered with sweet notes.  I have included some pictures below.   If you’d like to read more about Jacqueline Woodson and view lesson plans for Each Kindness, click  here.ImageImage