Todd Parr’s first annual #BeWhoYouAreDay was a fantastic celebration of diversity. I adore Todd’s illustration style, his thoughtful topics, and his letter to the reader at the end of each book.  I am slowly building my home library collection of Todd Parr books for my future grandchildren (and for me).   

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg had died shortly before I created my lesson around #BeWhoYouAreDay, and I included a lesson about her as she definitely lived a life of being true to herself everyday!   

My lesson plan is here – in it I include a video from Todd to his readers and lots of encouragement for my students to celebrate their uniqueness. Below is a beautiful example of #BeWhoYouAreDay art that one of my sweet Falcons created.  I hope that my students will take the important social-emotional messages and carry them close to their hearts as they go through life.

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