Awesome Blogs I Follow!


Librarians love to share knowledge with others, so today I want to share with you some blogs that I follow.  These are by other school librarians, and they are filled with great information.  I hope you will find them as helpful as I do!

The Busy Librarian, Matthew Winner, is an elementary school mover and shaker.  He is full of wonderful ideas for lesson plans, book titles, integrating technology, and now has started posting podcast interviews with authors and other librarians.

Julie Greller is a media specialist that has an amazing assortment of articles and resources for librarians at any level.  Her blog, A Media Specialist’s Guide to the Internet, has resources broken out by grade level, subject, and her blog posts are timely and helpful.  For example, her August 29th post is filled with resources for free classroom (and library) posters, certificates, and many other items you may need.

Mover and shaker high school librarian, Joyce Valenza, writes The NeverEnding Search blog for School Library Journal, and her blog also covers a wide variety of topics.  Hers is a must read as well!

Another mover and shaker in middle school librarianship is Gwyneth A. Jones… The Daring Librarian…her website and blog are full of cutting edge ideas for research projects and integrating technology and her humor shines through.

Have a great week!

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